I just let the dogs out to potty and appreciate how warm the house is compared to outside.

The act of sneezing feels good when you have allergies or a cold.

Fireplaces both can be warm and soothing.

The sound of water can be very comforting as well.

Why am I up at 2 on the morning? I woke up at midnight.  My throat is little sore.

The alarm is going off at 4.   I may as well stay up and start my day!

I collect blankets.   I have the goal of letting some of them go though.   They take up room to store.

The world feels less safe with people feeling uncertain.   I see the desperate  and hurting look in peoples eyes in stores.   I am in a odd place just getting by but can relate to what it feels like to be in a bad situation economically.     Yet, I have shelter and food.

I don’t feel safe carrying a purse anymore.  I started feeling uneasy even in stores and have dreams of someone stealing my purse off me.

A man tried to get my phone number the other day    He didn’t want to take no for a answer.   He didn’t get my number.  He even handed me a pen and told me to write it down for him.  I said no.  He actually felt entitled to have my phone number because he wanted it.

I wish everyone a safe, content, and healthy day.




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