First, we stop opening the door when you come over.   We change our cell phone numbers.   We move hours away from you and do not share contact information.  We do not respond to any mail you send.   It has been this way for 15 years!

Why do you think that we would have any reaction to calling the sheriff here to have him come and tell us that one of you is ill?

We are indifferent and opted to cut you both out of our lives for valid reasons.

The sheriff told me one of you was ill. I discussed the weather, the shortage of sheriff staff being a issue now, and the importance of people appreciating his valuable time.   He said that he supposed they contacted him because they didn’t have our cell phone numbers and seemed to get it

We didn’t even have to explain anything to him

I think you call the common sense and being realistic but then again never mind neither of you can comprehend either.

Indifference.  It works.



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