Am I enough?

You say yes. You mean no.

You come to me with your problems.

It’s nice to know that you trust me to help you.

But it’s better to not be trusted,

Then to be trusted to do something you know you can’t.

I’m already enough of a disappointment,

Failing to help you with your problems

Isn’t gonna help either of us.

Everyone says

“It’s not your fault”

“It would’ve happened anyways”

“There was nothing you could’ve done to stop it”

But they don’t know what really happened.

The memories refuse to leave

Insist on reminding me


Of what happened that night.

Everyone tries to help

I appreciate it, don’t get me wrong.

And it does help

But it’s only gonna be so long

Till I get it over with

And am gone.

I feel like I am a lost cause

That no one can help.

Sometimes I think I’m getting better

Only to fall even farther.

I don’t know how long I can do this…

They say “just take it one day at a time”

And I would

If I saw the reason

To keep going on like this.

They say it’ll get better

But what if it doesn’t?

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  1. aquazium 11 months ago

    Good questions, and I feel the same way a lot, that no one can help me because I’m too far gone. I hope you can figure it out and feel better:)

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