Hi, I am Atlas. A member of the Cynecin System and the host. There has been a lot of drama surrounding our system, regretfully. I have no idea what is going on right now with some of the members of our system. We have had to ban Aggie completely from being on this site and two of our former hosts have gone missing. Some of the other members are talking very little and it’s quite stressful. I have no idea if the system will be staying together or if it will be splitting.

We will not be on as much, as last night we were introduced to a new alter. As much as we love meeting new alters, we have met 2 in under a week. That is not okay.  I’m not blaming anyone who is reading this blog, I’m just saying the amount of toxic behavior on this site is disgusting. To keep ourselves safe, we are forced to be cutting ties with some people until Lee and Kyro come back. They will make the decision if we want to continue talking to those people, but we cannot talk to them. We are also going to be avoiding any drama. Of course, we will continue to be here if you want to just talk or vent to us, but we cannot risk getting into the drama at all.

Thank you for understanding.



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