Yup….What a past few days…maybe even 3 days…Stepping back and taking a quick survey of life…Yes…I want it and I want to LIVE IT…Recovery Overload…mega meetings…bigger than life OutPatient…counselling in stereo…To much to fast…I dont need 4 meetings a day…then op and everything else…one is fine..maybe 2 if I still have a need.  Why is it that we have to do everything to excess…Oh WAIT I AM AN ADDICT DUH…."Hi I am Mike and I am the walruss coo coo cachoo" lol ok I am making a joke here but I had become so focused on getting to the meeting etc.,. that i was doing nothing else…no wait I was.. I was waiting for the next meeting…planning every little thing around 3-4 meetings then using that as an excuse…Old habbits doe so HARD…<br>I sat and made a list of all the things I want to do and why I cant do them or why I percieve I can not do them…Ha and guess what…Well 2 days ago I registered for the Fall semester and am going back to college…Today I went and picked up my transcripts from HS and my College ones are heading directly to the University…I take my placement exam on Tues.  I already (had help) but did all the fasfa and tap stuff and will be getting at least $5300 in pell grants alone so I am confident that I wont have to stress about finances to pay for it.  I mean yeah I will have student loans but that is ok…I also went head first into the job market to at least get a Full time job…I think I will feel alot better about it..yes I have my unemployment and the side jobs that I get on a regular basis…but still to be back to work would be awesome..SO there it is…Life in a nut shell for the moment…tomorrow I have a complete floor install to do from the joists up, then finished with linoleum.  Sat I start the Rehab house for my dad, what  mess it is…abandon for 2 years…it is so gross, the animals have all moved in and its still full of stuff from when my mom as little…(my step grandmother had life use of the house then moved out) so I am cleaning up that mess which will keep me busy…The kiddos will be here sunday and then monday I am working for 6 hours at Cindy's wahoo extra money for the house!!!!! it is a good thing as its alittle tight for the moment…Ok I am outta here….THanks TRIBE   I am hoping to go to the farmers market tonight.  Enjoy the SOBRIETY!!!!


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