I just spoke with my neighbor who also suffers from anxiety. She calls me and we chat when things are too much. She is having to deal with a minor situation that she has blown completely out of proportion. This is a habbit of negative thinkers. Getting something done is nothing more than putting a plan into action. with no plan, you are walking to an unknown destination in total darkness. some plans are as easy as buy the vegitables, start cooking at 4, have supper at 5. Other plans take alot more steps and time management. No matter what yourgoal is if you try to face it with no plan and a negative mind you will think up a million road blocks, as an anxious person you will turn these thought into anxiety. So, when you have a task, get a paper and a pen. Write the steps you need to take, on the next page write all of your negative thoughts. when you are done, cross off the negative thoughts that are irrational. This will cause you to question your thoughts. You can even ague with yourself a little if you want too. This is an extreamly useful tool when battling anxiety. its call "Thought Challenging". Your disorder is based on alot of irrational thought. Now its time to rationalize this irrationality. In order to retrain your mind, you need to give it a new way to think. Question yourself, challange the negative thoughts. Just because its your mind, doesn't mean you have to take its first choice. imagin if you wanted to put a sears entertainment center together and you had it all planned out without any rational steps. You would never get this things together! But if you sit there with the instructions and study them you will eventually acheive. Give your mind theright instructions. There are unlimitied solutions to all problems. You don't have to accept that ahigh heart rate means death. You don't have to accept that rapid shallow breathing or light headed feelings mean danger. You see what I mean? challange thoes thoughts and find the proper answer. if you need real reassurance, then go get it. See your Dr, get a few test done. This is now real! You can think what you want but there is nothing physicly wrong with you. Only answer left is the right one. Your heart beats fast because your anxious responce is releasing adrenaline in to your body which elevates your heart beat. This is normal and healthy. It proves that everything in my body is working exactly the way it suppose to. The problem is the conection between my body and my brain. I can fix that by bringing them together through meditation. Problem solved! See these steps as true and possitive and you will use them and you WILL feel better. Stay possitve! Question irrational thoughts!Stop being a victim.

Happy new years :")


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