Every now and them i question my purpose in life; i figured out all i have to do is ask the Big I Am and he never fails to answer me in some form or fashion; I remember when i hated myself as a teen; I didn't commit s because I didn't wanna go to hell; so many years have pass and i appreciate and understand my life my selfjust a bit more; I was always scared before, now occasionally i become scared; i experience strong confirming thoughts when i have these small but huge enlightments of my purpose(s) in life; like when i'm sitting and listening to a patient/client/person/ a feeling of affirmation and warmth over envelopes me or when I'm with I take a stroll outside, i can get warm fuzzy feelings; doesn't happen often only when i ask God to let me feel his presence; Whenever I'm down and lonely and feel like negative thought are everywhere i pray Psalm 23: "with the lord as my shepard there's nothing i shall fear….; I also think about Jesus, who probably experienced episodes of lonliness and depression as well as emotional/physical pain especially when out in the desert and during his passion; i don't see how he couldn't have experienced a rollercoaster of thoughts/feelings; He remained faithful to his father no matter the intensity of the pain; He gives me hope that if he can endure all that, i can endure the disasterous situations/feelings in my life; Life won't always be peachy keen but no matter how lonely it get for me, he gets it and feels my emotions with me and will always be there for me, all i have to do is remember to praise him, ask, and always give thanks; In his eyes we are all equal and he has this unconditional love for all of us; we aren not suppose to be perfect; if things were perfect then we'd never need him or call on him; anyway this is what gets me through the tough times.


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