I finally get to go see the doctor tomorrow! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! You have NO IDEA. This has been a long time coming (many months), that has been put off by the doctor being gone/ my husband not being able to get time off for it. So I have made a list of things to discuss with him and I wanted to share it with you guys to make sure I'm not forgetting everything. Also this may make me seem a little like a hypochondriac….but however I have been without health insurance for years. So the only time in recent history that I saw a doc was when I was having my third daughter almost 3 years ago and when I herniated my esophagus. So these are things that I have been meaning to ask about, and a lot of them have the same symptoms that can causethe sudden anxiety like I have experinced this year.

1) Get a physical and complete blood panel.

2) Anxiety- I acknowledge it exists. I know it surfaced because of sudden trauma (herniating my esophagus) and a life changing event (finding out my husband cheated on me) I'm not, however, convinced that something physical isn't contributing to it though. Especially since some symptoms don't seem anxiety or stress related at all, or can cause panic and anxiety.

3) Get my fibroid and ovarian cysts checked out again, and deal with the sudden increase in PMS symptoms and increased hotflashes since my IUD removal, but remind him that my cycles are more of a normal persons now (7 days long) instead of what they used to be (14-20 days to even longer and once 85 days long)

4) My constant stuffiness (I cut dairy for 2 weeks and it didn't help) I thought it would get better once I quit smoking (and that was 10 months ago) and it hasn't.

5) Hair Analysis- (the anxiety and phobia workbook suggested this one) to see if I am deficient in any minerals or am having a toxic reaction to something.

6)My neck is always sore, and my throat always feels swollen. Not in a painful way. Just annoying way. which leads to number 7

7) Get my thyroid thuroughly checked since my sisters and aunts all have had to have their thyroids removed and I exhibit a lot of symptoms that also point in this direction.

8) Adrenal Exhaustion (another one from the workbook)- not as concerned about this one but I figured I'd ask. Want to cover all possible bases you know?

9)Cutting Glutens from my diet for 2 weeks to see if it helps. My sister and my grandmother both have/had celiacs (my grandmother passed in february) so that does run in the family, and I do tend to eat a lot of breads and they say if you crave it you are probably allergic to it.

10)Candidiasis- My previous doctor (the one who checked y out during my herniated esophagus months) also thought I had yeast on my tongue and prescribed my Nystantin to swish and spit, and oddly gave me and AIDS test. Nothing else ever came of this and she never gave me the blood test for this but I do also exhibit a lot of symptoms.

11) Other odd things that have no explanation- Tingling that happens at odd moments and last for seconds to hours. Doesn't seem to be anxiety related at all. And the Stupid Ear Pressure!

That is all I have. I hope he doesn't think I am a crazy person. I don't fit criteria for serious anxiety meds, I don't have depression, and otherwise I am generally a very healthy person. I don't smoke anymore, I ditched caffeine when I herniated my esophagus. I don't eat a lot of processed foods, though sometimes I do go on a binge when I am on my period. Every girl does though I think…lol! I try and get even a little exercise everyday. But still everyday, I can't see straight sometimes, or have intense ear pressure, and tingling in my arms and legs and chest. My neck is constantly sore and swollen despite seeing my chiropractor and accupuncturist once a month. And My agoraphobic tendencies seem to be getting drastically better these days because i have been doing gradual exposure. I don't know what else I can do to help myself get better except rule out physical things. Except I still haven't done anything strictly alone. And I still don't drive on major roads or highways or alone- because that is the big one. But I can't let that get me down. I have come a LONG way since my initial trauma. I just don't want this to control my life anymore!!!! What makes me really sad though is, as I type this- I feel awesome. I feel empowered, and hopeful and really happy. Yet… I can't see straight and my eyes hurt. and I worry in the back of my mind because I know that is not normal. If it was just anxiety, would I feel this relaxed and this hopeful about life?? And it doesn't go away when I leave the computer. But it has been coming and going all day, as I go about the tasks of my day. I have no other symptoms right now except for neck soreness. How does this make any sense? I seriously hope my doctor doesn't think I am completely wacko tomorrow. They say to make a list so you don't forget anything. *shrug* I just don't know…..


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