hi all thanks for the messages. i am doing ok. sleep test few nights ago is atrocious. real bad apnea i think anyone whom takes meds needs to have a valid sleep test. omg i am a great grany lol. yep lil boy named jackson.

he is amazing lil ol red head. of course my ashley blames me for his red hair i love red hair wtf…..

i am not this old bag of bones who cannot take care of her self….ok some times i dont want to get the hell outta bed yet thats better too. i am estatic about lil man Jackson really a trip a chip of me you know the old block … i have kids just because i am a lesbian some how peeps think that i never had kids boy do i have enough kids lol.

then i see damion my lil big man all grown up mom he said pull up your pants your saggen big time lmao its good to be letting go of all this fat i sware the medication is playen havock with my body but it is now letting go seems i been doing a lot of letting go and reaquainting with peeps too i am looking forward to seeing my kids every thursday all in one room my sandra is pissy with me still so i just give her space ….. hurt well no o2 for 8 hours which is more like i am up every two hours pain all over i know that with a cpap mechine soon to be mine to use every time i sleep will be good too.

triggers yep got some my self sux working hard at my issues no drinking no nutten …… if no one told you today they love you well here we go i love you more then words can say …. dont give up surrender to win hope i have wormed your heart a few advil back to sleep mechine will be here in 10 days i was in hospital had tia tiny heart attack JACKSON IS GOOD FOR MY HEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOPE you all take good care as best we are able to do take care alll hugs and kissed on your cheeks


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