ITs been a rough couple of week , my nerves have been a complete wreck & my anxiety has been up & down . On the 13th of March I recieved a phone call from my mother giving me the sad news that my aunt Edris passed away on the 12th at the age of 90 . My aunt Edris was my mother's sister N law . I was very close to her growing up a child , I come from a very very close christian family , so every time one of my family memebers passes away its very emotionally difficult on me . This past Sunday was my aunt Edris's funeral service at the funeral home , there were so many people there it was over whelming , the service was very emotional yet beautiful . I did not go to the burial , going to the service to celebrate her life was all my heart could handle .On top of all of this my father in law , which is my husband's step dad is in the hospital with heart issues & my poor mother in law has been exhausted going back & forth dealing with all of this . All of this stress definately doesn' thelp my anxity at all , I wish my husband would be more understanding about my anxiety , he is Bipolar & lately his moods have been up & down , his doctor has said he can up his Latuda which is mood stablizer , he has been on 20 MG for over a year now , I know that his boady is already gotten used to 20 MG I feel that it would smooth his moods out better if he increased his latuda but my husband doesn't feel he needs it .. However!! he is not on the other end of moods when he snaps my head off ..


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