I am broken,I no its not right, but I cannot endure, I'm forced to go on even though I hurt so. I meet someone whom I reached into myself and did what I was asked to do,I let you in, I believed in you, I gave myself to you, but its never enough, I'm never enough on any level, partner, lover, friend, spouse, emplyee,sister, daughter,mother, I am unsucessful all the way around, on the society level. I have become a burden, unable to suceed, it echo's in your words, all of you whom have told me in my darkest moments to get a job, my value dimished, as well as your own, you just don't realize it, but you will, meanwhile my life hangs in distress, all along your words cut me to the bone.

I dream of the quite peace of a time long gone, I am sad, at unrest,I no I haven't fullfilled my purpose….

I want to reach out to you but no your not there…..I am in need but all alone….you claim to love me, but yet your not , anything, not there, not hearing me, your cold, I am still alone, sitting here in the dungeon ready to die and you the person who claims to love me is clueless, my tears mean nothing, my pain is your joke. I take care of you and you take advantage of my sweetness, slowly sucking my will to go on out of me, just like they did and do. Sure you do and say nice things, but your actions are lacking, words mean nothing with out fullfillment, action, show me, don't tell me. Just a bunch of cowards, co-dependants, needy, decieving, lacking in human social skills, sure latch onto me so you can feel better about all you aren't, its funny how you need people like me to feel anything.

I am the richest person on the plant because I have something you'll never have, you'll always be empty, shallow, sad,lacking, cold, unhappy, unfilled, hollow, a life sucking nothing.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    Sounds as though you need to draw some boundaries and look to your own needs, self care needs to be the priority. However, it counds as though you have jumped through other people’s hoops fo so long, that there will be great resistance to you setting boundaries and learning to care for your self, If you wish to emotionally survive, you need to do so promptly and prepare responses so that others will hear you.

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