Today is one those days you wakeup late like 2:12pm. and dont mind it you lay in bed thinking about the weird dreams. You had this week. This mornings dream being about a mixer of prom and cake bakeing. My favorile to. I made this weird chochlet from scatch with mintgreen and vanilla iceing (also made from scratch and it looked like a weird babydoll. with blue bows and big glass brown ices and then I was rushing to get ready for prom. Which was weird (I didnt that part come to think about or the whole dream weird.) and the dream I had yesterday morning was just WOW Weird. but ya. In the dream im laying i walk into this liveing room to this guy who looks like one of friends buut at the samet ime he doesn't. (A little skinny thing but still strong at the same time. In the dream we were sitting on the couch and I was laying in his lap.and I was looking at his thighs and I saw that they had Im am navy. and it looked like it was sewen in his skin and I didint get that .and he was holding at the same time and he was stretching and he had stitchs on his ribcage. Then I looked up at him and he had green ices and red hair before it was cut. Then I woke up. So im in my own world in these dreams of mine. There all over the place. and im not sure but ya. Anyway ive been feeling like shit. Like I wake up somedays and its like uhh…. but ya I get up anyway and cleanup and music and draw for the most part pf it. But I feel so loney to becausr its like when i realy sit there and think about it. Im very lonely.  In a since I have realy bad social skills but I try but im not fun of a lot of people anyway. (I dont being arounf people I know , But then around them I still feel alone becausr they dont realy get me GET ME. So its a bit of something. Im trying  but its not easy. I wish had a friend that gets me completely .


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