This is my first attempt at blogging. I have several friends who keep telling me I should write, but it's just not that easy. One friend bought me a journal for my birthday. Three months later the journal has two entries in it. Writing for me is a painful exercise, not because of the topic, the very act of writing is extremely difficult. Mark Twain said, "If we were taught to talk the way we're taught to write, we would all stutter." I stutter on paper, lol. It is not a pretty sight. Worse the fact that my profession requires most on my time be spent writing, clear, concise, and in a timely manner (not to mention the legal ramifications). I can rarely write from my head. When I do write (for myself) the words seem to come from a different place, like my spirit, soul, gut whatever. If there is a flow it's like vomiting words on paper. It's not so bad writing when it's just for me, although it may feel like jumping into an icy pond at the beginning, if I stay there I may get past it and adjust. I went to college late in life. One of my professors said I had a natural gift for writing. She didn't know I took her class because it was online, and I had heard that if a student had a 95 or above average by the end of the class they could exempt the final. I of course had a 95 average, I had too. Give me two boxes of pop-tarts, a half a gallon of milk, and 24hrs, I can turn out something pretty good most times. Give me pen, paper, a topic not of my choosing, and an hour time limit. I do well to remember how to spell my name. Guess we're talking anxiety here. I think writing here is a really good idea. It's already working better than the journal, lol.

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  1. GetBetter 13 years ago

    I hope that writing here continues to work better 🙂 I think you'll find that the more you do it the better it gets and feels 🙂

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