This week has been so tough. I feel like Satan has chewed me and spit me out. Its been awhile since I have had such a hard week like this. I have to remind myself how faithful God is and that he will get me through this trying time. I know that I am unbreakable because I have the Lord as my strength. I have been in a lot worse places compared to how I feel today. I have spent so much time with my Savior and He gives me peace that no one else can give me. was reading Psalms 40 last night as I could not fall asleep because I was out of my sleeping pills. God pulled me through last night.I thank God for that.God fed me with His Word last night and he encouraged me last night. I know that He's teaching me how to trust Him more. And this morning I got a refill of my medications. God worked it all out. My Medical Coverage was cancelled but when my mom picked up my medication this morning there was no fee and for that I am greatful. I share this experience because I want those who read my words to read them and be encouraged. Learn what the Lord has done in my life and never give up. Never give into Satan's lies and doubts. Sure depression is a battle but you must fight for the life that you deserve. As you battle with any types of Depression,know that there is always hope and know that you can be set free. I thank God that I am not hearing voices today. I thank God that I am not in the mental hospital. I choose to do positive things for my life and it has been a long battle. I have battled with Depression for over 13 years and the doctors used to tell  my parents, "Rose will never live a normal life." And you know what? I am unbreakable and the JOY of the LORD is my STRENGTH and I know that He can be yours also if your willing to believe and give God a chance. I'm tired and now am headed off to sleep. I pray that my blogs are a blessing to someone else.


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