I've been meaning to write this done for a while, and to be honest, I haven't really told anyone about it in this much detail. I tried telling my boyfriend about it but he just agrees a bit and would rather not know that much about the details and all. The people I live with are so strange. Honestly, I don't know how they can even deal with it. I live with my boyfriend's family, and to be honest, they're so weird, I never thought that I'd be living with people like this. There's a lot to talk about lol I guess I'll just go from person to person.

The dad: He works odd hours. I rarely see him at all, I've been here 6 months and I've only seen him maybe 10 times, and whenever I see him it's breef and awkward. I've only heard him speak a handful of words and he's only said 2 things to me ever "Excuse me" and "Sorry". Whenever I see him he seems very unhappy and my boyfriend's mom is always yelling at him or talking to him in an angry voice.

The mom: She's very jealous; example, she made her husband buy her a $2,000 cooking set because he bought his ex wife a similar cooking set before they divorced (mind you, the mom doesn't even cook). She's very controling and whenever I see her she's always complaining about something. She's also very hypocritical; example, she says how I'm such a slob and then either leaves her plates where ever she finished eating, or if I'm lucky she throws them in the sink with all the food still on them, and she never cleans either. She pretty much runs the house in a tyrant sort of way, she contributes messes, absurd double standard rules and noise. Granted, she is a foster mom and does take care of the kids, but she clearly shows favortism with her adopted son and one thing that drives me insane is that when the foster kids are with her 99% of their day is spent either sitting down in a high chair, laying down or stuck in a play pen (depending on their age), if they're too big for a play pen then they are just stuck sitting down in a high chair. Also, she's your friend when she feels like it and sees herself as never doing anything wrong and that all people should only to these four things in their lives: Marry, pray (to the christian god), work and have kids.

The grandma: She doesn't really give off a grandma kind of vibe. Whenever I see her she's either cooking, doing laundry or taking care of the foster kids. Once a week her and her husband do go out; but to where I have no clue. Whenever she goes anywhere outside the house she always makes sure that she's dressed in her Sunday best. Though she's quiet and doesn't say much, when she does it's something caring.

The grandpa: The only word that I have ever heard him say is "Sorry." He works with the dad but I see him around the house more often. He's always smiling and always helping. If yard work needs to be done, the grandpa helps, if the kids need to be looked after, the grandpa helps, if you need some money, the grandpa helps.

The brother: Even though he has his own room he never spends time in there. When I first got here he was never home, now he's starting to spend more time at home though. I don't know why but he's always so angry, but then again he's 14 (turning 15 next month). For the most part he sleeps during the day in one of the many rooms in the house, except for his room and at night he's always awake, even when he's been up all day. He never socializes with the family, me and my boyfriend are the ones he socializes with the most.

The sister: Before she used to socialize with the mom and grandma a lot, but lately whenever the dad isn't home she just sits alone either watches movies or plays on her DS. She's usually very happy and friendly, but there are times when she gets very aggitated, usually whenever she doesn't get what she wants.

I guess the main thing that is extremely strange to me is that they don't spend time together and they almost never socialize. The person that socializes the most is the mom and that's with the adopted brother, the parents and grandparents don't have their own lives, they don't have friends or anything. Everything here is so weird! They're so secluded and withdrawn, and whenever they talk it's to ask where something is or to complain about something.

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  1. Ghostgirl 10 years ago

    I understand what you mean. My boyfriend has a rather large family and almost every single one of them is odd. His Mom sounds like your own boyfriend's mother and his Dad is hardly around either. They only socialize when the Mom gets in a weird mood and forces them to or when they need something from each other.

    My family isn't great but his is just nuts so I know what you mean about dealing with a family that is so very, very odd and frustrating.

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