well my daughter had to be here at 7pm she lives here mind you but, she had to be here while my husband left the bbq HE was invited to at HIS sisters house.  Anyway the babies dad was not home with the baby and he would not answer his cell.  I was fearful that he may try to take off with the baby because he has another warrant for his arrest and knowing this our lawyer states that we still cannot deny him his visitation.  It makes no sense.  So I tell my daughter she needs to explain the meaning of a court order to the babies dad because he does these things to CONTROL us since he cant beat my daughter anymore this is his way of doing just that.  Anyway she tells me that I need to shut up an disrespects me in front of her friend who I mearly was responding to something he had said.  Then my husband comes home and after my daughter and baby leave I ask him why I am never invited to his sisters house we have been together 21 yrs I used to babysit her for heavensake..I started to cry because my feeling are hurt and he gets mad at me because I am crying and hurt.  I dont get it.  I have no friends and apparently no family I can turn to.  If I had insurance I would go have myself admitted because I am having a realy hard time dealing these past few days..no insurance and i already have a 13K bill for food poisoning..its just cheaper to die.  just creamate me and put me in a starbucks coffee can and spread my ashes through out vegas is all i ask.

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  1. Baggs 12 years ago

    I really cannot add anything to what Sickly said. Best wishes and I hope that things start to pick up for you soon. Baggs xxxxxxxxx 

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