I know I know I’m not good enough but I continue to train because I’m passionate about it and with training I get stronger and better everyday.  I thank my karate teacher for showing me everything i needa know.  I can make myself a better person if I believe I can.  I CAN DO HURDLES, I CAN SPRINT, I CAN LONG JUMP, I CAN PROVE PEOPLE THAT I AM SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT PEOPLE MAKE ME OUT TO BE.  I can do this.  No one is stopping me but me and ONLY ME. I WILL PROVE MY PARENTS, PROVE THE HATERS, AND PROVE MYSELF WRONG.  I MUST PRACTICE HARD. TRAIN HARDER.  REFLECT ON WHAT I NEED TO FIX ASK FOR ADVICE AND HELP.  I am stronger than I present myself. I can’t quit, I WON’T QUIT.  FINISH TILL THE END DONT STOP DONT GIVE UP IF U FALL GET BACK UP AND KEEP GOING.  DON’T CRY.  GET MAD USE THAT ANGER TO RUN FASTER, JUMP HIGHER, AND SOAR THROUGH EVERYTHING.  YOU CAN MAKE U STRONG.  YOU CAN MAKE U BETTER, YOU CAN MAKE U GREAT. 


Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect

-Sensei Barry 


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