Hey all,

Well, I'm finding myself in another rut, and my thoughts are going off at all different sides right now, " You really blew it this time. He's not serious about you. He's considering leaving you after this, It will happen soon"…and it just goes on

My boyfriend and I have now been together for a year.  During the year, he's mentioned several times that he wants us to move in together. I never told him how I felt about that until yesterday, when I told him that I'm really not comfortable doing that until I'm ATLEAST engaged-not for religious reasons, just because I want the commitment first.  He said that sounded fine, but then I asked him if he had ever thought of that before (the whole engagement idea), and he said that yes he has, but that he wanted to take "one step at a time," bc he still needs a job, and his own place.  Fine

But then today, when we were at my house, my family got annoying and he looked at me, laughed and said "You sure you don't want to move in with me?" …this is where my thoughts began to spiral

He knew I was nervous, so when he asked what was wrong, I told him, again how I felt about moving in, he laughed and said, ":I know its fine," but then I still looked upset and when he got me to tell him what I was thinking, I told him that I was getting thoughts that " He never WANTS to be engaged to him."  He told me thats not true, and said again, "Just one step at a time," but then I was afraid that he thought I was a pyscho crazy girl who will pressure the hell out of him gor marraige!….So then I told him, " I don't want you to think I'm trying to pressure anything, I just got a bad thought, because I get nervous with this topic,"  His respone was, "there's no pressure, it will happen when it happens, goodnight I love you"

I'm unhappy with that response.  I'm getting thoughts that he's not serious about me, and that "I blew it."  He knows I have OCD and how it works in my head, but I'm afraid he just thinks I'm a psycho chick now…I can''t stop…Does it sound like my thoughts have any validity?


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