Ah, roommates. At the end of the day I love them, but right now I am so angry at one of them I could scream, but I won’t, because I would feel wicked guilty. She came home today and I really hadn’t talked to her except at lunch where she seemed in a pretty good mood. I IM her “Hello. How are you?” Response – “Stop asking me that all the time, you know that things haven’t been going well for me etc…
She’s broken up with her boyfriend a few days ago and been upset about it. But I wasn’t infering anything about that situation and she is sort of with someone else now. I mearly ment how was your day, bla bla. I say that to everyone. It’s part of my OCD in a way to ask that I guess to see if people are sick, even though that is stupid. I can see her point too, it must get annoying. But on the other side of things, if you don’t want to talk, put your away message up, say not right now….etc. I don’t know why this whole thing got me so upset and angry, but it really did.
I have such a hard time here sometimes and I don’t come out of my room a lot some days and I probably won’t tonight, because the whole thing is just too much to deal with. I understand that other people have problems, but I have mine too and I don’t really air them much. With her it’s like everyone has to walk on freaking eggshells and cater to her mood. I had this terrible thing pop into my head that I really wanted to say to her, like tell her off almost. It was something to the effect of “Well, at least you had/have a boyfriend now. I’ve never had a serious boyfriend, because of the way that I handel my OCD and even though I would like to have something like that in the future, I don’t think that I ever will. Everyday is like an obsticle sometimes and be happy that you don’t have to fucking deal with that. I didn’t say that though, because it wouldn’t have been productive and probably would have made things worse than they already are. I’m sure she is just having a bad day like all of us do from time to time, but it just really made me angry. I wish my in-roommate was here to talk to more. I wish that I could go home and talk to my Mom.

  1. JoyJoy82 16 years ago

    Thank you. That comment has helped me very much.:)

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  2. billdoor79 16 years ago

    hey there, unfortunately some people deal with things worse than others, you’re probably right not to have said for the problems it’d cause! I always tell myself when someone winds me up and I get angry, that I don’t know their life and for all I know they could be suffering with things that I don’t know about. Of course, they could just be getting on like a bollocks, but I always feel better telling myself that instead!
    As for relationships, I’m sure you will find someone, I really wouldn’t doubt that. There are a lot of great people out there and you’ll find yours:-)

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