I finally did it! I pulled myself out of bed, got a bath, combed my hair, drove over to that store, and applied for their cashier position! 😀

I'm a little nervous though. When I was, oh…19? I got a job as a cashier at a pharmacy about 40 minutes away (it takes at least 30 minutes to get anywhere around here) and it kinda sucked.

My first day there, I was told that I would be working with a woman named Missy the following day who I was lead to believe would be a pain in the butt. So I went in the following day afraid.

That week or the following week, a superviser of mine failed to make a deposit at the bank. She was supposed to get the required cash, however they figured that up, and then give it to the cashier on duty to take to the bank. I was never given any money, she must have forgot. She blamed me. She told the manager that I refused to go over because it was too cold out. Too cold? Are you kidding me? I loved getting out of that store, even for a brief trip to the bank next door.

Thankfully, the boss didn't buy her story.

I was told that people generally didn't take their breaks because they only lasted 15 minutes. I quickly learned that everyone took their break, the difference being that they never "officially" declared it a break. It was always just, "I'll be right back, gonna go for a smoke". By the end of a shift, they had more than had their 15 minute break and I was hardly ever allowed mine. I worked there from September 30th to February 2nd and I took fewer than half a dozen breaks during that time. And I ate standing up at the counter almost every day.

The previously mentioned superviser – Missy – was a thorn in my side. She snapped at me here and there and the last three days I worked, I got stuck with her. I usually did, like I was the one they liked the least so it didn't matter that I got stuck with the witch.

She scolded me like two or three times for doing something the "wrong" way even though I was doing everything the way the manager had shown me. But I think Miss. Missy felt her way was better because she'd been working at that store for over a decade (that would suck so bad).

Then, she tried to deny me my lunch break. That was the night I quit. Or rather, the night my mother quit for me. She was so mad that she came down and told her, "My daughter doesn't need this shit, she quits." Yeah I know, spineless, right?

It's been 4 years but I still worry about what to write on applications. If I had the chance to explain, hopefully they would understand that I was being taken advantage of but if you word such a thing incorrectly on your application, it might make you look so bad that your potential employer won't even give you the chance to answer. So I wrote:

"unhappy with working conditions"

My Mom didn't seem to think that sounded right but my Mom is kinda…ehhh…she's the one who was worried about me getting a job and it overlapping with my D.C. trip. She doesn't always understand things the same way that I do. I think she thought that I should have left it blank or put something else down. But what if I put down a lie and they found out? That makes me look like I'm hiding something when I truly believe that my working conditions were crap. Yeah, I should have given them a two week notice but they weren't very friendly and I felt uncomfortable. My nerves were so bad that two days before I quit, I broke down crying in front of another superviser and confessed that Missy scolded me even though the manager was the one who taught me how to do my job. They were aware.

If I left it blank, that probably still would have raised a flag for them. I'm not illiterate, why just leave that blank? And if I am illiterate, well, that doesn't help them much does it? Part of filling out an application is following directions and reading what is in front of you. So I did the best that I could.

Oh, and I messed up my own address. -,- See, I live in the sticks. For 20 years, my address was my post office box. Well sometimes companies throw us country people for a loop and ask for an address like they're just assuming you live in a town or on an identifable road.

I do not.

My driveway was named a year or so back but I have used that name no more than a dozen times since it was established and I totally forgot what it was. So I left out the street name. >.<

I don't wanna live in the country when I get my own place. Do you realize how confusing living in the country is? Man, if I ever like got bit by a snake, I'd be dead before the ambulance could find my house.

Actually, my parents would have to drive me. -,-


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