Been working hard at trying to beat this thing. It is a strange combination of grief, losses of people and work, mistrust, anxiety over medical treatments, feelings that the medical comm do not listen to you, lack of control due to meds, medication side effects and limitations, lack of true intimacy: not my lack of committment but the people in my life,social isolation from family, chronic pain, lack of good sleep, feeling devalued and undervalued,etc. it is never just one issue! At 61, it is difficult to see a real roses future as there are inherent breakdowns due to aging, losses due to natural deaths,and families are so terribly busy with jobs, kids, and homes. I had a full life and my kids need their time. My parents are in their eighties and are hanging in there but feeling that their functioning is grad declining and the need to reach out more for help. I have had fam, grandparents all my life and miss them so mucho and anticipate that my parents will be gone soon, leaving me to my own devices. As most of you all know that worry causes anxiety and depression and your head spins with thought, then negative stuff and the cycle returns. I am consciously trying to push those thoughts so far away in order to be happy Winthrop no tears. My happy place is when I am with grand kids, reading to them playing games, taking walks. Those simple things have always been I important to me. However,2 live in Ca. And 2 are in Pa so we are split up a lot. FaceTime is not enough. I feel compelled to be there with them but who do I pick? I don't want to abandon anyone.How do others cope? Do all fam keep to themselves?

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    There is such a lit there, that anyone of them could cause serious depression.. I hope you are meditating, exerciseing and paying attention to what you put in your mouth . Neglect of any of these can make the depression worse.  Best of luck to you.

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