Everything is so exhausting and I can’t seem to find a way out of this loop I’m in. I’m not doing as good as I used to do in school, and while my mom says ‘it’s okay’ I still can’t help but feel like everything I do is wrong still

Mom wants me to be cis

Step dad wants me to be straight

I’ve gotten into debates with them on what they would do if I wasn’t cis and they always dismiss it or tell me that it’s a phase. Sometimes they’ll actually get upset and tell me to ‘stop talking’

I try and write out my feelings, but it feels like I’m still alone and nobody’s really here to help me out. I’m feeling very unmotivated and I just want to sleep forever. Lately I’ve just been wanting everything to stop. I want to cry everyday. I want to sleep every minute. An eternal sleep…

sorry that was dark..


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