Ok so this is my first blog. I am usually ok the thing that sux so much is that I have no idea most of the stuff that trigger my anxiety. Today I didnt feel to good so I know for sure that one thing that does trigger my anxiety is when I feel sick. Its like when I get sick anything from tummy ache to a cold my mind goes into overdrive that I am alot sicker than I really am and I get extremely anxious thinking what is wrong with me I start asking myself (am I loosing my mind) (Do I need to go to the ER) (Is it nothing am I exagarated) and so on and so forth till the anxiety comes and then I am not strong enough to make it go away quickly. I am a pretty strong person I have been through alot and I am pretty good at dealing with things so this whole anxiety thing pisses me off. I hate not being able to controll my own thoughts and feelings when I want to. Then at the same time my anxiety does not happen every day so I feel almost guilty complaining about it knowing that some people have it alot worse and have to deal with it and cant really controll it at all. Mine comes and goes and happens when it feels like it :(. I was in the shower when it happend and started telling myself its ok it will pass then named the colors of the things around me then concentrated on the warmth of the water then concentrated on the smell of the shampoo then concentrated on the fact that it will pass and everything would be fine and then I told myself its ok to get frustrated about my anxiety and that its something I have to deal with then it passed and left like a bully that messes with u and then leaves u alone..Yeah thats what anxiety is a BIG BULLY.This is just bugging me that I even have to deal with this damn anxiety but ima suck it up and keep it moving. I just hope that I wont have to deal with this for the rest of my life. Ok well I will pray about it….

  1. hausmank 11 years ago

    Something that helps me is challenging my worrying thoughts. When I start to have racing thoughts, ask yourself a few questions about what you\'re thinking about – is this something you\'ve felt before? If the worst case actually happens, is it something you can\'t handle? (the answer is always no), how many other people in my life have actually had happen to them what I\'m worried about right now? Most of the time this distracts your mind enough to 1. stop the worrying and 2. you realize that the situation isn\'t as bad as you first thought. There isn\'t anything you haven\'t been able to handle to this day, so bring it on!

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  2. Happy_Sad_Lady 11 years ago

    Hausmank that in an awsome way to look at things. I try that too and it works but sometimes in the mist of things u forget ur own strenghth lol. I apreciate ur response to my blog.

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