These thoughts they just keep chasing me,

It’s like my depressions racing me,

trying to find a finish line,

Burdens so heavy it’s crushing my spine,

I try to keep my head held high,

force the tears back try not to cry,

I want to be okay,

Guess today’s not that day,

But i’ll fake it till i make it,

Even though i feel like shit,

I want to escape,

Someone rewind the tape,

I feel so fake,

So hurt i just might break,

My head is throbbing,

My happiness the darkness is robbing,

I’m choking on my words,

Coughing up blood to feed the birds,

The birds turn black as black as the night,

They peck at my head starting a fight,

I grab my bat and i’m ready for war,

I swing wildly like a crazed boar,

They swoop and stab right into my back,

More blood comes up but it comes up black,

Once more the birds attack piercing through my heart now that is that,

I fall to my knees and drop my bat,

And a part of me died right there as you all just laughed.

  1. deadsoulx 2 years ago

    ouch!! </3

    1 kudos

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