I watched a pretty hard thing last night, about Michael Vick and his dogs. It showed dog fighting videos and the aftermath of a fight. It was so very hard to watch but it ended on a happy note, all but 2 were rehomed out of 50+ dogs. One was put down because she looked like she was their "star bitch" she was OVER USED and had medical issues because of being impregnated probably almost every heat. The poor girl. One of the dogs is now a certified therapy dog and most are living in loving, normal homes now. Who says that a dog, even a 'vicious' pitbull can't be retrained and rehabilitated. I love my dog with all my heart and I think even though the show showed some things that were hard to deal with and hard to watch I think its so important that people see what these dogs come from and where they can go from that. Of course not all of the dogs used in fighting can be rehabilitated. But this shows that out of 50 some odd dogs all but 2! can be if worked with! It's amazing to me!! This just shows that a pitbulls main drive for fighting isn't because this dog WANTS to KILL something else it wants to PLEASE someone! And if the owner is sitting there yelling good boy or girl get him the dog is going to think he is pleasing his/her master. Not to mention the amount of abuse the dog recieves before and after a fight. It rips me apart to know that this sort of blood 'sport' is happening behind every dark corner in america but maybe we can start to spread the knowledge and start to get control.


Anyways, thats my rant. 🙂

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  1. TiffanyS 13 years ago

    I didn't get to watch it but it's nice to hear that about pit bulls. My 5 year old daughters dad just bought a pit bull and I have been pretty nervous leting her around it just because you hear so many bad stories. But your right, It's all in how you raise them. It is very sad.

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