so, for the past three days i've been brutally harrased by some members on this site. one being on depression tribe the other being on anxiety tribe.


i've done nothig wrong but take a huge, anxiety provking chance to post all i've posted. it's my soul ripped open and raw for others. and i've been detroyed for it.


I don't know why they've been so hateful, i don't even know one of them and the other used to give me encouragement. but now it's nasty and cruel and has broken me down even more then i thought possible.


i've been called a liar, an attention seeker, that nothing I say I have is true and that even my suicide attempts were false…


do I really need to post the reports and pictures from past suicide to prove it's really? has it really come to that?


this site, we're all supposed to come together as one and help on another or if you don't have anything helpful to say, please keep it to yourself. please to belittle someone elses pain just because it doesn't relate to you.


well all have similar problems and sypmtoms but where they came from, how it started is each to their own. we're no robots no one is the same,


we need to stop the hate, this is supposed to be safe but lately i've been questioning that…and that's sad because this is the only place I can let things out and not resort to self harm or other habits.


please just take a minute to think how that person might be feeling. whether they're fighting to to keep breathing or they are climbing mountains, we all have our timing to recovery and self help. don't judge.


just think before you act because you never know when that one little word could send someone over the edge.

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  1. asbishop 5 years ago

    Wow. . .I can’t believe people would be so cruel on a site that seems so supportive. I just recently joined hoping for an outlet for my thoughts and support eventually, to read about people asking for proof and being so quick to judge is upsetting. I’m sorry that happened to you.

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