I really hope you take the time to read this.

This is a story of how my past couple of weeks went.

A couple Sundays ago, me and my mom got in a fight. To sum it up i was throwing dishes, holding a nife, and screaming. My dad called the cops and I was taken to the hospital to be seen by mental health. The next couple days I had therapy. (i had taken a month off) and everything was going good that night until thursday. I had gotten in a fight with my teacher and was sent to the principal office. From there they had me call my mom to discuss what I could do and to discuss how I could've used some skills in order to stay in class. (I had started learning skills in therapy) I refused to use skills so my mom came to the school. I told her I hated her. They told me that I had to go to the detention room for the rest of the day and I refused and started to walk off campus. My mom started running following me and i refused to stop. Finally she got me and grabbed my arm. I told her I hated her and that she can go die, and that nobody likes her. None of that was true. i love my mom to death. I could never hurt her, but i'm afraid I will if I keep letting my anger get the best of me but I can't control it. I'm out of things to do and I have no Idea WHAT to do. i'm scared that i'm going to end it for myself.

I just need help. I can't control my anger and all I do now is lay on the floor and cry, and self harm.

Please help.



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