I had a meeting at my son's school last week, and then he wentto his dad's over the weekend. On Sunday when I picked him up his dad was all pissy with me about the schooltesting him and recommending a doctor visit to ask about ADHD.

And later my son told me his dad wants him to go to school down in the town he lives in, and live there.

He stays at his dad's in the summer. Last summer, like always, he had the run of the town and no supervision. He met up with a kid who threatened him into doing some badstuff. So they got caught and got in trouble. I JUST got the fine paid off in March (half the fine) and we are still doing community service work (all done here with me,dad hasn't done that).

His friends are here.

His dad cannot speak, read, or write well. His dad can BARELY do simple math.My son will be in 7th grade, which is the first year of middle school here. The math is harder, and the demands on grammer and spelling and the like are higher as well.

His dad's therapist or ex-therapist just so happens to be the co-facilitator of the chronic pain group I'm in. When I brought it up tonight, she shook her head no as I described what happened and said, 'no, just say no, that's not a good idea' pointblank. Hmmm.

The school already has him set up get help in math. If he transfers all that starts over from scratch.

His dad is short on money as always, if he went to school there, his dad would get more money. I, personally, think this is a financial move, not so much any kind of concern or forethought about education at all.

This is a battle I'm willing to fight.

Panic and PTSD symptoms are raging.




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  1. sadviolinist 8 years ago

    My friend is fighting the same sort of battle right now.  She wants custody of her son because he lives with his Dad who's a total waste of perfectly good air, and his reason for not allowing him to live with his mother and have a good home life?  " I won't get the tax credits."  HONESTLY?!!!!  I'm sorry you're having to go through this ~ don't give in! 

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