The father of my daughter (who will be 13 in june) has been making my life a living hell through our daughter.

I am now 33 and married. So is he.

When I was younger I partied and wad wild ( not unusual for the age and I was 18 up til about 20) we have our daughter whenim gonna be 21. Our relationship wasn’t good. I was young and dumb. We we our separate ways.

I lived with my dad with my daughter and we shared custody of our daughter. I met my husband when she was two. He met his wife around the same time.

Hes always been a jerk but its gotten worse in the past few years. Not sure why cuz hes married.  Hes told my daughter horrible personal things about me. Like I did drugs and I was in jail and I cheated on him. We both did stupid stuff! Hes no angel but I dont tell my daughter those things. He doesnt see that he is only hurting her.  This has all but destroyed my relationship with my daughter. Thank god she’s with me more but she doubts me. Hes destroyed my credibility as a parent. I shake when the phone rings. Last time I spoke to him about four years ago he said I wish u were dead. My husband is now the primary means of communication. My ex says horrible things to him as well. True or not these things happened like 13 years ago. Get over it. Focus on ur daughter. Nothing ever pertaining to her its always something negative about me.

I shake when I see there number on the phone when they call. Either him or his wife.

We had to change our cell number or rather my husband did because they were sending horrible messages via text.  Im a whore, she hates me. I dont know how ur husband puts up with u. The cops suck around here but I wish I had pursued some legal help. Like an attorney.  Ive payed for my mistakes whether it be sitting in jail or whatever. According to me obsessed ex and I believe his equally obsessed wife I deserve to suffer forever. Im afraid to go to court and get a restraining order. Ive had panic attacks in court with him in there. I would not pursue that alone but cannot afford more legal fees. This has attributed greatly to my anxiety and depression.  Also my daughter had suffered greatly and is in therapy. I am as well. He was sent a letter from the attorney about his bad mouthing and so far it is at bay. For now. I cant afford her help anymore.

Is anyone else suffering from fear and depression caused by a situation similar to this?   Sorry so long.


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