I'm a terrible driver.  I'm so bad that I think I should have died in a car crash on Thrusday but instead was spared.  Not even a dent on the car.

Here is what happened: I was returning to the pizza shop from a delivery.  I had stopped at an intersection on a country road where the cross street doesn't stop and has a 55 mph limit.  I go and next thing I see is a pickup truck right in front of me swerving not to hit me.  It hits a telephone pole instead.

The guy comes out to talk to me.  He's understandably pissed, but he didn't swear or threaten me with physical violence.  He said he could have "destroyed me" if he didn't swerve out of the way.  I gave him my insurance information but I didn't take his because nothing happened to my car.  The damage to his truck is that he lost the passenger side mirror, got a dented front corner panel, and the whole side of his truck needs to be repainted.  He refused to call the police because he didn't believe in "getting people in trouble."  I gave him the business card of a body shop I knew.

The last few days I've been thinking why am I still alive.  I was, once again, stupid behind the wheel.  If he had t-boned me at 55 mph or more at best my car would have been totaled and I would have been in the hospital, yet neither one of us was hurt.  So why am I, perhaps the worst driver I know, still alive?  What do I have yet to accomplish?  What purpose is there for me to continue to live?

Yeah, if the blog sounds confusing it's because I'm confused.  And if it sounds a little scary, well I'm a little scared too.  Message me or comment if you want more information.



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