yesterday while I started to clean.

A large temper glass table is in shards every where with my animals all running around. Oh crap. I didnt ever exspect doing that.\"\"

Well that ended my cleaning attempt for the day. Later on a huge fight on the phone that went into today with the bf. I pretended to be asleep when he came home last night , or I would of been fighting then to!!


The fight was about me trying to tell him that the table broke and he only half listens so he wanted to know why the table was in the room and why did i move it. Then he hung up on me.


ok dumb azz moved it himself in the summer to the room. I was so pissed and i told him he didnt support me when i needed him. i was already frantic and he made it a lot worse. Well eddie eggshells lets call him went of the deep end and uses any exsuse to brew up an argument.

If I was better and i was able to work i would of stayed away a long time ago..but me i am unable to keep a regular job ! i am stuck.


then this morning turned in to how the apt was a mess and how i dont work and that only makes me want to hide even more. i try to clean but its so impossable to finish anything. i am good at tearing everything apart and thats it. i try hard to get it back together again. i get frustrated and give up.i find my head stuck face down back in the pillow again.

After all the fighting I tried to take a shower — the shower head stopped working. I have the worst of luck. I have to wait for the super to fix it.



Then the topper —

today I recived awful news a friend of mine had died. She had a long bout with cancer and i never knew. She had tried to heal herself with herbs and exersize but it spread and got the best of her.


What more can this new year poop out on me. ? Honestly I really dont want to know.



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  1. kittyblu 10 years ago

    thanks everyone. my answer to my family is that they are all dead. i would have to head out to a women\'s shelter if i wanted to leave I am just trying to figure out what ever i am trying to figure out

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