Im a bit annoyed at the moment and I need venting space, hence the reason for my blog, otherwise ill probably take it out on someone who doesnt deserve it : S

This morning my partner had to go for a medical for work, so he could be put onto fulltime, the only problem is that the you go to the doctor that his work chooses, which is fine, except if you get what happened to him.

He was in the waiting room and what doctor comes out to get him? The doctor that he saw earlier this year about quitting dope, and due to the fact that he didnt go through with the treatment plan this doctor was a massive ASSHOLE to him. Everything was great on the first half, they tested his urine for protiens and blood an whatever (not a drug test thank god) that was all clear, but then the second half came and my boyfriend has asthma, which is very seasonal and the season here has just changed so he was a bit weezy today, so the doctor writes this big story on the medical sheet about how he has bad asthma he needs a treatment plan he needs to stop smoking ciggarettes and if he didnt smoke ciggarettes he wouldnt have asthma and bla blah, during which time my partner was sititng there saying i have an asthma plan and i am trying to stop smoking ciggarettes, EHH.

The doctor did write that he was medically fit for work, but with all the crap he wrote about his asthma im now worried that his work wont put him onto fulltime permanent untill he shows up with an asthma plan and something written from the doctor that he is medically fit with his asthma (which isnt even that bad).

I hate doctors sometimes, they shouldnt be using there personal thoughts about people when seeing them for something like that, they just need to use there medical thoughts and put all else aside.

As you can see, i am pissed off Lol

Well ill find out soon what has happened with it, and i hope its good news bowl

Take care


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  1. sparklingblondie 15 years ago

    Doctors can be such DICKS!! They always give people so much crap and try and make them feel guilty about their personal choices

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