I’m 17. My health anxiety started off when I started to get these little pinpoint red dots on my arms. For the first time ever I looked up my symptoms and the first thing it showed was Leukemia. I freaked out and started getting pain in my right ribs and thought it was my liver. After that I begged my mom to go to the doctor. We went there and took blood tests but we never got a call about the results.
Since then I’ve been freaking out over other things like Melanoma, colon cancer, and pancreatic cancer. First it was melanoma when I found this mole on my back that was a little bit bigger than an eraser and it freaked me out. Then I started to have little white dots in my stool and my stool would float, which sounded alarm for pancreatic cancer. I went from going to the bathroom to poop 3 times a day to only once every morning.
Then a week later I started to have blood in my stool, kind of an orangish red color. A couple days later I noticed blood and these black stripes in my stool and completely lost my mind. I went to take out my dog a few minutes after that and when I took him out I had cramps where my liver is and freaked out.
My mom took me to the ER and they did a CT scan and said I had an inflammation in my bowels. Also they took my blood and said my red blood cell and white blood cell levels looked good. They gave me pills and said if it doesn’t get better in a few days go to see a GI.
It’s a few days later now and I’ve only had to poop twice and there was blood both times and black specks when I wiped. I have these red rashes on my legs and chest. Im getting pain in my armpit that’s comes and goes. Pain in my thighs that come and go, stomach cramps once in a while. I also get pain on my wrist, knuckles, shins and elbows that come and go.
And another thing is I have this lump below the center of my chest, I’ve had this for at least a few years and am scared it’s a tumor. My heart rate also increases a lot throughout the day and am scared it’s a heart disease.

Sorry for the super long thread I just wanted to get everything out and leaving nothing out.

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  1. shadetree 4 years ago

    You know alot of people dont realize stress can cause a lot of different things to go on with your body. It can cause your hair to fall out, temporary blindness, loss of sensation, all kinds of crazy stuff. The fact that youre so worried theres something wrong can actually cause it to manifest in the body. I dealt with cancer a while back i had testicular cancer. I had to have one removed but now im cancer free. The best thing to do is just try your best to calm down and not dwell on it. Try to start going for a walk daily if you can and limit intake of sweets and soft drinks etc anything with cafeine in it and over time it may help. It sounds liek you may want to look into counselling. Im not saying theres nothing wrong with you but even if there is freaking out and upsetting yourself is just going to make it worse. I know its scary i understand ive had anxiety my entire life but it can be controlled and dealt with. Its a good first step writing down what youre feeling in this blog. But its just one of many. Please go find somebody to talk to about this before you drive yourself crazy. Also blood in the stool can sometimes be harmless it can come from a variety of sources it doesnt mean youre dying.

    Like i say im NOT saying theres nothign wrong. Keep seeing your doctor but i jsut hate for you to sit there making yourself miserable and it turn out to be nothing. I hope you get to feeling better. Sorry youre dealing with all that.

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