seriously… i cant.



anywaysss yeah im exhausted, its been a long day, and i think people shoulda voted for john wayne with the boston tea party just for kicks, would make the election less boring. aside from all that, quick update on my car, its getting towed tomorrow morning they finally got their lazy butts in gear. but my mom is having to sue the guy who hit me's insurance company, cuz of my injuries might have long lasting effects blah blah im sick of it more bad news etc. lol wow i dont even have the energy to type it anymore go me! and apparently everyone i talk to (in person) has decided im the new relationship bleghagahe whatever or something today i heard "my best friend kissed the girl i liked" "my fiance's ignoring me because i joined a sorority he doesnt like" "my gf just broke up with me because i told her something that happened before we were dating" and "should i go out with a or b?" and im not complaining, im kinda used to it by now, but i dont understand how people can be so idk.. stupids not the right word.. ive only ever had one bf and he was a control freak like in a bad way. they think i have answers to every relationship question its mostly all common sense, your best friend is prolly jealous or drunk, your fiance is feeling neglected because you dont have time for him, give your gf time to accept that news and talk to her when she comes back, because shes the type who runs when something catches her off guard, and look, if you like more than one person, you dont like either of them enough to date so wait it out and see who "clicks" better with you, and for goodness sakes, stop changing yourself to MAKE it work, because compromise doesnt come before a relationship, it comes once it starts, blah blah. yeah i been to hell and back been in "love" twice, yeah i know that feeling in your stomach that makes you unsure if you want to puke, hide under a rock, or go back to sleep the rest of the day.  i know how it feels to be turned down, i know how it feels to turn someone down but they do too, why dont they ever learn? jeez, presidential canadate winners talk a long time. i think im gonna go to bed once my intrusive thoughts shut up so my anxiety will stop, thanks whoever brought that up today 😛 i usually have those under control.

well if you made it this far without falling asleep wow props to you and i hope youre having a good one, whatever it is. dont forget, if youre ok, tired, and confused all at once, find out why youre ok, think about whats making you ok, youll feel better.

laterz yo


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