But wtf do i want to do ???!!!


I pasted the following from my myspace entry today…

Maybe I'll finish my degree in business instead of graphic design or photography or maybe work toward both just for the education. Even though i have most of my art courses done :/ BUT i didn't go extremely deep into the curriculum so i don't find it a huge waste. I know what they say, any education isn't a waste, and those people obviously have money to waste !

That being said, I'm going to do some research on the types of careers that spawn from just a regular business degree. I think it's actually more helpful than some might think. Just b/c you don't specialize in one specific field doesn't mean that you're not a candidate for a variety of fields. We will see I guess. i never delved into it b/c i was always told it was a worthless degree unless you were going to continue to grad school.

Throughout college i changed my majors so much that i swear if i had just focused i would have been finishing graduate school by now. Pisses me off how flighty I was. I got more shit done when i was single then i ever did with a boyfriend in my life. It's all my ex's fault! Hehe, not really, i let it happen…but don't you hate knowing that your parents were right when they said "you better buckle down if you want a future for yourself" This coming from a parent who talked to me once every couple of months back then. heh Again, its not their job to tell me what i want to do, but a little support on the subject would have been nice, instead of "an art degree will get you nowhere" i really let that get to me and tried to pursue other avenues like advertising and marketing, haha, big mistake, my god was that an awful semester. I've never seen so many people hungry for money and attention like i did in those classes. Eventually, i thought i'm just going to get my medical information degree and at that time i was getting really into the aspects of medical studies. I actually found it a creative outlet in some ways, learning about the body and i loved being on the computer and typing away all day. I guess my roommate in med school was somewhat of an influence. She was going for a nuclear pharmaceutical field i think ?? At any rate, she is now a certified pharmacist. I wonder what shes doing now… Last i heard, she went sky diving. She was always a timid, but very adventurous person, just like me, only uber fucking book smart lol We had some good talks, i miss those days sometimes.

Wow, completely sidetracked !

Anyway, i don't even know why i wrote this…i'm brushing up on all my skills for some tests from the temp agency. The interview went pretty well, and they said i have the qualifications so it shouldnt be hard to find something within the company. The good news i didnt know was that they are affiliated with a medical agency who provides excellent benefits so that was good to hear. 🙂 The medical agency is actually in the process of moving their office and has put any hiring on a "freeze" for about a month so im brushing up until something becomes available and still sending my resume out to other jobs. I've gotten offers but they are way too far away and the good thing about this agency is that they look for jobs in the area you specify. Anyway, right now, i'm just trying to focus on my future and what i really want and i cant seem to get a grip. I think once i'm in a full time career , i will know where i want to go, once i have some sort of path to follow. I do know i want to delve more into photography and design, which i'm studying up on now. That's all i know, i don't know if im ready for the lectures and all the hoopla that comes with school again. Maybe i'll just homeschool myself or take some classes online. I also thought about honing in on more medical transcription to the point where i could start my own home biz, but i think id probably die of boredom. (i dont specify on myspace, but this is all due to SA and GAD…im so nervous )

I guess i'll figure this out more in the coming months…i feel like such a late bloomer…meh, its the hip thing to do in your late er mid er late lol twenties right?

Oh, btw, for those of you keeping up… the update thus far is that i quit physical therapy, it just wasnt helping. He said that the best thing for me to do was exercise in the pool and start out lifting with light weights. i started lifting a bit and want to get angle weights but theyre seriously not in my budget right now…25 bucks for ankle weights? The job offer from the assistant pt fell through b/c he never came back. There was an odd vibe with him there anyway. As for the pain management i am going with, i get my first steroidal injection tomorrow. It has been pretty painful lately so im hoping this will take some of the edge off. i really need to get a comfortable chair, this dining table chair isnt cutt'n it but again, budget. Bleh…so that's it..little nervous about the shot but more excited to see the results…they said i should feel pressure and no pain, but that is not what i remember the last time i had it done as a last ditch effort before surgery in 05. I wont be put under, but fuck it, what the hell am i complaining about ? I've had much worse. I am WOMAN, hear me roar!


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