Hi everyone,

I am frustrated with Cuyahoga Countys Court system in Ohio.  It seems like I am in court every month for months while they try and negotiate when I know my ex will not cooperate.  He is doing this to get at me.  We have two lovely daughters stuck in the middle.  I have been the loving residential parent for about 6 years now without so much as an issue and now he takes me back to court beacuase he feels he would be a better parent than myself.  I am not perfect but when it comes to my children I always manage to muster the energy that anxiety tends to squash.   Our divorce ended after a 2 1/2 year battle and then our new custody case has lasted a year.  Somedays I would love to give up and hand over the children as it has been financially straining and emotionally draining.  However, in my heart I know the damage my ex has done to me and I worry about the damage it would incur on the children.  He suffers from Narcistic Personality Disorder, has had charges with Child Protective, is abusive mentally and physically to put it mildly.  Because he recently got his own apartment, the court is trying to say that he deserves to have a case because circumstances has changed that warrant a revisit of the parenting agreement we have ing place.  Sometimes I just need to vent and get a new perspective on things.  Do you think that sometimes court can last too long without basis to keep going.  We currently have a trial date set in May and am optimistic that what will happen will happen regardless.  Since I don\'t have much choice in what the judge decides, I am trying to hope for the best but expect the worst.  I wonder if any of you have had similar problems and how best to deal when the anxiety strikes.  I can take ativan on an as needed basis but I try not to rely on it.  In fact I try to do everything possible before I medicate myself.  Well I will keep everyone posted when it comes to a head in may.  Till then I am keeping the faith and hope. 

Love Ya,  Annie


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