So I’m sitting here wondering what to write about in my next  Letter from the Editor:
The Parity Bill getting passed.
The Presidential election next month.
My last column; my 1st political one, that also said we not only have the right to voice our opinions ,
We have the obligation.
To show others, both in & out of recovery,  that we are not people hanging on to our sobriety by our fingernails,
But rather, people who are thriving, working, contributing to our society,
And able to articulate a succinct opinion & view on our country’s current problems that, honestly?
Are probably  better ones than most politicians have;
Unless they too follow the principles of ‘Find God, Clean House & Help Another Human Being.’
I also thought of writing about being asked by A&E’s Recovery Project to be a representative of Florida’s recovery community, as part of a series that A&E and Comcast are doing on recovery communities, and the people in them, across the country to show society that recovery IS possible.
When the phone rang.
“Hi Charlie!”
It was Christopher Kennedy Lawford, who I interviewed for our next issue.
“Do you remember asking me about doing a column for you, during the interview?”
Oh, did I.
“Well, I’ve read some of the back issues of JOURNEY you sent me and it’s a really great magazine…”
And my breathing,
Paused here.
“Well, I’d love to write a regular column for you!”
And just like that, a God shot.
We talked a bit more, and I told him he would probably write Advocacy Ave now, unless we come up with a brand new column for him (Like we did with our new column on eating disorders: Food Fight!).
After the phone call I sat back at my computer and thought;
Chris is the nephew of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who was instrumental in getting the Parity Bill passed.
He is also the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, whose idealism made Americans believe that we could change; that we could come together no matter their race, creed or color.
That idealism has never been accepted by the American public as fully since,
Except for the uncannily  similar message of Senator Barak Obama;
Who is a favorite in next month’s Presidential election.
Christopher Kennedy Lawford is a political figure and a outspoken advocate of recovery.
He lends his voice tirelessly, that society may learn that recovery from addiction is possible.
He is also involved with A&E’S The Recovery Project, an initiative designed to help raise awareness that addiction is a treatable disease and recovery is possible.
And I thought,
The Parity Bill
The Presidential election
My political column about our need to voice our opinions
A&E’s The Recovery Project
When I started this letter I didn’t know which to write about, and with one phone call I was able to write about ALL of them!
Plus one more –
Christopher Kennedy Lawford is It’s all in the JOURNEY’S newest columnist!
God shots.

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