I thought I would write my blog today on music, and how it affects our moods.

With most people, their favourite music will cheer them up, but music from significate times in their lives will make them feel how they were feeling at the point that things happened, either good or bad.

Those of you that read my blogs, will notice I listen to a lot of Rock and Metal, not a lot else. Always willing to try a new band, or sometimes a new Genre altogether.

Normally, a good metal track cheers me up, but sometimes it has the reverse effect. It gets me down, from memories of the past, or whatever.

If it’s a band i’ve seen live, and they are a good band (this one in my "Music" tab I saw saturday night, and bought their album) then I will put on one of their tracks, and listen to it, and remember the good time I had at their gig.

If it’s a song from a significate time in my life, good or bad, I will lay back and listen intently to the words. Either good or bad, if it’s again a good track, I will listen to it, listen to the lyrics and/or the guitar work.

Of course, you get the occasional band which has absolutely no talent, and you avoid them like the plauge.

I find some of the older rock tracks (AC/DC, Queen, Iron Maiden) to be as relaxing as some of the music I listen to now, and can listen to them for hours on end. The normally play a significant part in my everday life, as I use music to calm me down, or occasionally to get myself to sleep.

A list of my favourite bands:


Cradle of Filth

Iron Maiden

Papa Roach





Stone Sour

And many more.

These are the most frequently played in my computer, and will continue to be my favourite bands for a while yet.

Ok, my fingers are hurtig from too much typing.

Until later, my friends.



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