Hi Everyone! I work for OCD Sacramento. We are trying to come up with ideas for an OCD Support Wristband to sell in order to make money to support the OCD community….

The wristband will be similiar to ones they sell for Nike and Breast Cancer awareness.

Please send me your ideas for a short phrase that should be on the wristband!

you can reply or send an email to [email protected] !

Thank you in advance !!!

(I will let you all know which phrase we choose and when they become available!….if you interested in purchasing one, I would love to know)

  1. raider916 11 years ago

     Thats a tough one. How about “Got Lysol?”, “Are you suuuuure you’re sure?”, “What number was I on again?” or “F*CK speedbumps!”

    Ok maybe those are a little too obvious. How about 

    “Overcomming the doubt’ ,

    “Because “just right” is overrated”,

    “Fighting the “just rights” for a better life”,

    “Overcoming just right for a better life”.

    “Facing the doubt together”.

    “Standing above the face of doubt”

    “Finding the sun through the shadow of doubt”.

    “Obsessive Compulsive Defeater”.

    Im sure I can come up with more but just wanted to throw a few out there. Hope you all find one that works!

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  2. qwerty 11 years ago

    You can beat this!

    Fighting for a cure.

    It's not as simple as "1, 2, 3".

    Warning: This wristband is washable.

    Never giving in!

    It's just in my head!

    Just exercising my adrenal glands.


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  3. MELISSA 11 years ago

    i not mad its my ocd

    never give up the fright


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