There is so much bad shit going on in my life right now so I figure I would write and let you all know whats going on. My mother is currently not talking to me for reasons that I find stupid. I don’t want to go to into detail with that because it’s between my mother and I. All I can say is that it’s really killing me that she’s not talking to me and that she can’t even look at me because of the stupid shit.

I revently was fired from my job because of the stupid shit with my mother because we both worked at the same place. So I was told that if personal problems between my mother and I were going to be brought into the work place then one of us had to get fired. So guess what I was the one that got fired because I was just a temp. Now that I’ve lost my job I have no way to pay my bills or my rent.

If I can’t give my landlord any money in the next couple of weeks my kids and I will be living in the street. He already has the eviction papers to throw us out so I don’t know what to do about that. He said as long as we give him money every couple of weeks we can stay. Well guess what without a job I can’t give him any fucking money. It’s not so easy for me to find a job for some reason I’m not quite sure why. so it’ll most likely be a month before I find another job. So pretty much I’m screwed in the end because my mother isn’t talking to me, I have no job, I have no money to pay for anything, and pretty soon I’l be living in the street with 3 little girls!!!!



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