Today I feeled Blessed.  2 People responded to my last blog, and it made me realize that I do have the gift of Encouragement.  I’ve been told by many people that that is my gift.  Well, I am going to go out on a limb and say that I can honestly say I have learned from my experiences about not letting things go to far.  See when we do that we give power to those who hurt us.  Forgiveness is not a popular subject to talk about period.  But I am going to take a step of faith and say that we need to forgive those who have hurt us.  The reason this is essential is because when we leave unforgiveness in our heart it festers and festers and then we leave ourselves open to resentment and finally anger.  We are worth more than that.  We all deserve to live happy and fulfilling lives and when we leave those spirits unattended they turn into strongholds that then keep us bound.  Unforgiveness gives power to those who hurt us because at that point we are bound by our thoughts and whats in our hearts.  They have power over us!  And thats not right.  The road to recovery starts with forgiving those who have done wrong to us.  I know that sounds like alot but trust me when you forgive it releases peace within ourselves.  I mean if God could forgive the roman soldgiers who crucified Jesus we can certainly do the same. 

I want you to know that I have personally gone thru this process and it does work.  I was married to 1 man for 22 years and had 1 child.  We had wonderful times and our marriage was strong until our 18th anniversary when my sons father was unfaithful.  At that time I didnt have a relationship with God and didnt know anything else to do but to get a divorce and move on.  Oh, how I wish I knew the father then,  But I didnt and I cannot change that.  Now to make an extremely painful and long story short my sons dad was given custodial guardianship to my son, and there was no explanation except the fact his family had alot of money and the courts only saw that instead of who I am.  So at first we had joint custody with my son living with dad.  That was painful and I must admit during this time I did come unglued at the seams.  But who wouldn’t have.  I know all that now.  🙂 but eventually my ex moved to florida since his parents retired and after 170 court appearances and going to jail for being behind in child support a whole 3 weeks and it was possible because I was living independently and it was a challenge but this man who b4 God i vowed to love honor and cherish put me in jail because of the support.  Now THAT was an experience and it is the opening chapter of my book, "Child in the Crossfire, a story of profound separation" I am know trying to get this manuscript looked at.  This is my greatest challenge because it is opening old wounds.  But I have to.  Not to mention how it will change my life.  And listen this was no county jail I went to a maximum Security womans prison and was put in a cell with a murderer until the paperwork was fully processed and they realized I was NOT a crimal case but a civil case.  God help them if something had happened to me.  But I learned alot from even that experience.  Look, I am just trying to give all of you a pat on the back and make u realize how special and courageous all of you are for fighting.  Like I did.  You can only go up from here.  Dont make my mistakes forgive and move on.  I did and now I realize that a weight was lifted.  I made the most unselfsh decision one mom can make to ensure her child gets everything he deserves.  I know his dad loves him and one day God will return him to me and he will know the truth.  Its been 7 years since I have seen my precious albert.  Those of you who have children hug them tuck them into bed, be thankful they are with you.  Make a difference in their lives.  Start now.  I would give anything to have 5 minutes with my son.  Know u are blessed people of God. 

Peace and Love


Know I am here for anyone who needs some guidance or just an ear. 


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