Why isn't there a "Your Mood" option for homicidal? Oddly enough, my night at X-Mart was less exhausting than is has been lately. I felt my mood dipping more and more the closer I got to having to start work. I went to the gym, hoping it would energize me, but I was just tired afterwards. I had to stop off at the gas station around the corner from my complex and get one of those "5-Hour Energy Shots". Those little things are a God-send.

My only problem tonight was being paired up with the laziest *C-WORD* on the face of the planet. I openly admit that being kind of new makes me a bit slower than others, but I was hauling ass and doing 90% of the work. She insisted that we split up to get work done faster–and in the back of my mind I KNEW she was skipping entire sections. Then, when she got busted for skipping part of the department she volunteered to work on alone, she tried to volunteer ME to go finish it. I served her my hairiest eyeball and told her to go finish her own work.

Luckily the store wasn't an absolute war-zone tonight. We would have been there all night–no thanks to that twit. I really hate it that I'm reduced to worrying about this petty shit again. I used to have a very bad agression problem. I really don't want to revisit with what I've referred to as "Ocarina the Grouchette" on my non-hormonal days, or my pre-menstral alter-ego, the Rabid Ferret. Funny that my worst tendencies have actually earned themselves actual names. I've been a bad, bad girl in the past… but like they say, "the road to redemption is a rocky path". That doesn't mean the Rabid Ferret isn't still growling inside sometimes.


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