I am so sick and tired of my husband thinking I am doing something I am not doing.  He thinks just because I am on the computer comunicating and talking to my friends that I am going to do something I am not going to do.  You see with his first wife she got on the internet and found a boyfriend while she was still married to him.  I tell him that I am NOT YOUR EX-WIFE!!!!  But it seems he only wants to hear what he wants to hear and doesnt want to hear me.  I know how it feels to be cheated on, me my ex-husband cheated on me so much it wasnt funny.  I dont even want to go get his kids this afternoon and I know that I have no choice in the matter (going and getting his kids) but what about me and my feelings. It just seems he is so BLINDED but what she done that I have to pay for what happened to them almost 10 years ago.  I am NOT going to pay for what she done.  The other night he said something to me that just made my skin crawl, he told me if I wasnt going to give him any (sex) that he would go somewhere else and find it from someone else.  I played those mind games with my first husband that I wont do it again.  He said that he was sorry and he shouldnt have said it.  That is kinda like a threat of divorce.  If he wants someone else so be it.  I survived once before I will again.  It will just hurt my son because he has no father and he looks to his stepfather as his.  I dont know what to do can anyone give me any advice on this? Thanks

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  1. angels5888 13 years ago

    yes, i was in exactly the same situation, msg me if you want ok, btw, i am divorced now

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