On May 8th I dislocated and fractured my right ankle by stepping down from the fireplace while I was cleaning up around the dinner table,I merely lost balance and fell but that fall would cost me $5000 maybe more.My parents may have payed for it but they avoided me the entire time I was injured as if I had some deadly disease.My younger brother supported me through those horrible times,I couldn’t get my own food or drinks,I couldn’t brush my teeth or bathe normally,I couldn’t change my clothes or do the laundry normally,I couldn’t open,close or lock the doors,I wore three different splints,I was itchy,smelly,dirty,aching and I never left the house unless it was for a doctor appointment.August 9th was when I took my final splint off  used my crutches to leave the doctor’s office for the last time,when I got home I took a bath as soon as I could and cried because I was actually in more pain than when I fell,all that stress could finally be washed away at least for a while.I can walk around without the crutches but my ankle continues to hurt so I have to rest a lot,it hurts the most when I wake up or go to sleep,I can’t even stretch comfortably anymore because it hurts!Every time I touch my ankle it’s swollen and I get paranoid that I’m actually touching the metal plate or screws in it.I can still remember falling,when they put me half asleep to put the bone back in place I felt my body writhing,going into surgery and waking up crying because of the pain,I wish I didn’t have to remember though.


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