I love my mom, but she's driving me crazy. She's been on vacation for the past two weeks, and not having her here barking orders at me was pretty wonderful. I was able to do things on my own time without being on her agenda, and better yet I was able to get some peace and quiet.

We go through a daily routine that involves the following multiple times a day –

#1 – her constantly putting her hands on me, touching my face, popping zits or scratching off flakes of skin, and then complaining about it. I have dandruff, and I use medicated shampoo constantly, and it keeps coming back.

#2 – since having issues with my eye (I got an abrasion on it a few months ago, so it will become enflamed at random), she constantly badgers me about my eye, reminds me to take my eyedrops (which I do already), and freaks out whenever my eye is enflamed, wanting to go to the ER when it's really not a big deal.

#3 – if the dogs crap in the living room, she walks down the hall and tells me to clean it up instead of cleaning it up herself.

#4 – if the dogs want to go out, she either opens the sliding glass door and walks away (our dogs are stubborn and won't go off the porch unless someone is standing there watching them) or she comes down the hallway and tells me to take them out, despite the door to the back yard being in her room and closer proximity to her.

#5 – if I want to say something to her, I have to wait because she's almost always on the phone talking to people.

#6 – she constantly expects me to be doing something productive, and if I am not she will go out of her way to find something for me to do. I never feel like I get any down time because I'm always 'on call'

#7 – the house is never quiet because she's always got at least two TVs on blaring Judge Judy or Law and Order on the other side of the house.

#8 – she complains about everything and takes it out on me. If she had a bad day, it's my fault. If she's angry at the president, she treats me with resentment since I voted for him.

#9 – she overlooks all the things I do in the house but will constantly nag me about things she expects me to do without her telling me, as if I'm supposed to read her mind.

#10 – And finally, sometimes I just don't feel like she loves me, or that she loves my brothers over me because they have well paying jobs and I don't. I'm trying to get a job, and every day I sit here waiting for a response from these applications I feel more and more like a failure and a lazy deadbeat.

I feel like a prisoner in this house. I have very little money that I can't spend for any reason, I always have to be 'on call' when Mom screams for me on the other side of the house, and I'm not allowed to say anything because she gets angry very easily. I wish I could get hired so I could move out of here, but until then I'm rotting day after day.

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  1. Feathers06 10 years ago

    I have a mom that is very similar to yours, always nagging me to do chores, and when im not doing them im a disgrace to the household. and when i finally decide to do some of the things on her list of orders, theres always something that i did wrong that only she would have been able to do right because its her preference. if you ever need to talk about some of the crazy things she bugs you with, just message me and I'd be glad to listen!


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