I’m sorry

I can’t be the perfect daughter

I can’t be that older sister

The one you look up to

I can’t be that younger sister

I’m not the person you want

I cry

I hurt

I’m empty

I’m broke

I feel lost

I’m sorry I can’t be who you want

I’m just a broken person

With a deadly head

With hurting thoughts

Whispering words

Everyone looks so happy

I’m sorry

The slightest happiness

It gets taken

There’s no escaping this deadly place

Deadly thoughts


I’m not perfect

Believe me I know

I’m far from perfect

I’m hurt

I’m scarred

The scars that show my battles

They are also in my head

The ones that can’t be fixed

The ones that keep opening

You wanna say I have screws loose

Go ahead

At least I’m being real with you

I’m sorry

I’m failing the ones I promised

I’m sorry

The only words that make sense

I’m sinking

Ive lost myself

I’m sorry

I’m sorry


























  1. aquazium 6 months ago

    I wrote a song like this last week… I’m also sorry I’m not the perfect daughter, just not enough and will never be enough. no matter what i do i am just never good enough. i try to be perfect, i try to be kind and helpful and i do everything it just is never enough so too bad?
    I’m dying so yeah… being perfect isn’t possible so why do they ask for it?

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