So deppression is an illness. Some say it can be cured by changing ones life content, or doing things differently, even positive thinking. So yes we can do those things. However depression can make you feel unable or unwilling to make changes.

So, suppose someone then takes medication to feel better, cope better, get more done and see thiings more positively. Then when life looks as if it is working ok people may tell you that you dont need the medication. Or they may tell you that you dont need the medication anyway as the reason your life is messed up in the first place is that you are not doing enough or not doing things you enjoy etc. Suppose they told you that the medication can be addictive and you are better off without them even though they have not been through depression and difficulties like you have.

So you think maybe you can come off them, even though they have been helping you feel ok and actually help you get more done for a change instead of just thinking of doing things. Then you notice you are feeling more down as you lowered the dose for example. Confusing I think.

I had always been against taking medication for mental illness, thinking I would just get over it. I guess it has its place and helps many people. However, the thought of being on it long term just to feel ok does scare me a bit. I always liked to live a healthy life. Also if it helpsme drink less alcohol that is a good thing.

(Soory much of this is written in the third party, I never know who might be reading this)

Maybe you have your views on this and maybe it is a common dillema. any help is appreciated.

I dont feel ready to take on the World like I did and not sure if I ever will. I think I have changed, am in a different space, actually a lot less connected with people and the world than I was I guess.

  By the way I will be seeing my doctor this week again to discuss things.

  1. snowmaiden 8 years ago

    i personally think, if you can manage without medication, by changing your lifestye or conquering what is making you depressed in the first place,or councilling and exercise then thats the best thing, but Clinical Depression is a different thing entirely, theres no motivation or positive thinking, just emptyness, that doesn't go away.  Taking Drugs can cause side effects and getting the right ones, can be a long process and yes, I personally think they are addictive, its obvious that after a period of time, they won't be as effective, as when you were first put on them, so having the dosage upped, is  probably what Doctors would advise, I do no that coming off them, can be a very long process as well and can make you feel like shit, but everyone has the right to make their own decisions on this, if it helps some cope better, then thats their choice, theres nothing wrong in that either

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  2. lightangel 8 years ago

    Thats very informative thankyou. I will think over what you have said. i can relate to feeling empty but then again I can also feel a lot too at times. Im still learning what exactly depression is , as its not just that one word, but all the symptons with it.

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