Hello all, sorry I haven't been in contact for awhile but time the days seem to have become considerably shorter since I started working. Hope you don't mind my cut and paste to let you all know what I'm up to. Praying that you are all where you want to be…..Peace and Love, Demi

Hello Lem, been thinking of you lately. Been busy with my new job, running the house, taking care of kids and trying to keep my husband chin off the ground. He had scheduled an interview with the California State Exposition and State Fair, so I went with just to see if there was something lesser for me. Turned out that the pay wasn't enough for him, get a little dole from the feds, so I got the job!! First interview in 35 years as I always worked on the family farm here. So I am now Assistant Farm Manager for the California State Fair which opens sometime around August. We have a 2.8 acre farm which pretty well micronizes the ag in this state. We do school tours, my first today with 80 cookie crunchers to keep occupied. My boss is terrific, she and I are very much alike. For the first month I work M,T,TH,and Friday 7:00 to 3:30 though I seldom get out before 4:30, too much to learn and do! It's really a blast and as I now have my own office, yes sir, and two computers, yes sir, I'm keeping my computer and office skills up to date and work the rest of the time outside on the farm. I have 3 turtles that I have just brought outside from their winter sleep, set up a beauty of a pond, geeze, I do sound impressed with my self now don't I? So the job is great, it's been hard on the family as the kids and esposa are used to me being here waiting on them hand and foot, yes I spoiled them, so shoot me. Now they have to pick up the slack. Pretty hard on my poor shiny headed hubby as he hasn't been able to find work and the MALEGO has surfaced occasionally but been fought back with kind understanding and keeping my work to myself. Hard to believe I've only been there since the 19th. Seems much longer. But my love is rising to the occasion and I was much pleased to come home to a clean house and my sweet man folding socks. I know that it's affecting him but I'm so proud of him for making now his own. Soon I'll start 5 days a week and then closer to the fair I'll only have Mondays off. That will be tough as the days can be 15 hours long. Hope my old body can hold up, especially when our heat comes in at 110 in the summer. My turtles may occasionally have a swimming buddy. The kids named them, Narf, Mr. Feisty and MeShell. Pretty cute huh? Well, I have tomorrow off, and have a chance to get more than 4 hours sleep so I think I'll head for dreamland. Hope all is well and fine in your world, Peace and Love, Demi


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