I'm 18 years old I still attend highschool and I feel like I'm that guy who is friends with everyone in the school I'm the one kid everyone comes to for advice I'm just that guy. So you ask what's wrong? Well it all started freshman year I dated this girl who I fell madley in love with and that's what it was pure love we wernt the couple that had sex cause we never even got close to that we just loved being with each other. About 2 years after we started dating things started to fall appart with her and her family and it was in our best interest to be apart for a while so we did then I tried to get back together with her and it seemed like every time was a fight so eventually we just were done. Right after we broke up I transfered schools and I met this cute country girl and we started dating about a month after my recent break up we always had fun and one night she tried to “corrupt” me as she called it and it was my first time ever doing sexual stuff with a girl (mind we never went all the way) and I wasn't sure about it then some stuff went down with her and her ex and we broke up about another month after that I tried talking to this girl who really liked me and I liked her to but after a few weeks I got the classic “I'm to nice of a guy” well after that I moved on to another girl who liked me and we went out for a week and then broke up and the night we broke up I hooked up with a girl at a party. That was about the point where I was just done with girls and partying and all that some time came and went and finally it was almost prom night. One of my friends was a girl with down syndrome and I was “being the nice guy” and I asked her to prom I kinda annoyed myself untill the next day when she texted me and told me she loved me. I didn't know what to do so I told her the truth and said I didn't like her like that well the day after I got a text saying she was going to be a lesbian cause no guy liked her. Now its at the point where I was in over my head. So I talked her out of that and the next day I got a text saying she was gonna inflict bodly harm on herself now I'm flipping out i didn't know what to do but somehow I talked her out of it and that's where I hit bottom I turned angry and rude to people I lost a lot of friends and I started to party again a lot. I went to a party and list my virginity to wa girl that I have no idea who she was or anything. I pissed one kid off at my school to the point where we were going to fight but the teacher broke the fight up before I hit him so I did the next best thing and took his girlfriends virginity who he was dating for 2 years. And one night I was supposed to go to my only “friends” house and I got ten minutes away and he told me they went to the movie with a girl so I got mad and called this girl up and took her virginity. And now I'm getting ready to go down to beach week with all my buddys and I get there and start smoking k2 and drinking a lot and that night I had sex with one of my best friends and now we don't even talk. The next night I drank more and made a fool of myself and lost the majority of the rest of my friends. After that during the summer me and my football coach got into some fights because of how he treated me. Now that football season is here I get treated like crap because of the summer time when he blamed me for stuff that I was never involved with but he finally majesty up and listened to me we sorted things out kindof and I was made caption of my team. But he still tries to belittle me and stuff even though I've calmed down. I feel like I have no friends anymore. I feel like the only friend I have janitor the same kid as me and I just don't like it. He is clumsey and breaks things all the time but on top of that he acts like its no big deal he never helps me do anything I need help with but I am always there for him he always wants to do what he wants and if he dosent get his way he throws a temper tantrums he can bairly take care of himself cause he has been babied his whole life and always delude on me to clean his mess up and I am the complete opposite I think the only reason we are friends is because we play football together I just feel like I can't talk to anyone I hate talking to my mom because I feel like I'm never good enough for her and she dosent understand me and over reacts I feel like I'm always there for people to listen and help with thier problems but no one is there for me i feel like whenever somthing good happens in my life somthing comes along and knocks it down I feel like I can't get a girlfriend anymore cause I'm to much of a nice guy cause that's what all the girls say so I don't even bother and I feel like if a girl does like me I won't try because I know it will never work out cause I want a long relationship and no girl wants that I have turned to chewing tobbacco ciggerretts and alchole for support in my life and I feel like after football season is over with I have nothing to look forward to because I just found out today I'm to old to play whinterfootball fot my team I've been with for 4 years I just feel lonley and I don't know what to so or how to express my emotions so I guess its partially my fault because if someone were to listen to me about my problems I just don't know how to communicate with them so I just keep all my emotions bottled up inside and don't let anyone see them it sucks I just don't know what to do anymore


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