I am wondering why Mike hasn't called. It's 10 o clock already and we usually talk around 8. He hasn't text me today either. I barely talked to him over the weekend either. Shit, I need to know if I am coming down there today. It's an 8 and 1/2 hour drive – so it would be nice to know what I am doing. Just now I was finishing my packing up. Why am I putting energy into packing when he isn't even calling me? Shouldn't I just not waste my time packing if he isn't going to contact me? Maybe he had such a GREAT weekend with his wife he had a "change of heart" and doesn't want me coming down now. Its too risky I guess for him in the chance of getting caught. Well it would be nice to know this, he needs to reach out to me and tell me what the fuck the deal is. Yesterday I went out on a date. It felt good because I was physically attracted to him, which was nice. He also wants to see me Thursday. Why can't I just let go of Mike, and just see how things go with this guy? Mike is amazing to me. I like him so much and have history with him. Things feel natural with him. He is so hot and knows how to please me. So what the hell should I do now with all this time on my hands? I guess I should just go about my day and try to keep busy and just "assume" that I'm not going down there today. Cuz sitting here waiting on his call is doing nothing for me. So – wendy (me) just assume that your not going down there. Go get your oil change and workout, don't wait on him. You are better then that. I am proud of myself cuz I just called him once today. I didnt' obsessively call or text him and I think I am handling this well. But see, if he wants me to come down tomorrow it may not be worth it for me. Cuz i will spend all day driving tues., would only get wed and thurs with him and then have to drive home fri. but i guess it's still worth it… cuz i haven't seen him in over a month and I want to see him so bad.

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  1. anjuli61536 9 years ago

    Maybe it is karma and you have met the right guy on the date and don't know it. If you don't hear from him then maybe that is a sign. I hope things work out for you good luck.

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